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        On this page you can find everything you need to know about the buying / shipping / return process and the most frequently asked questions.



        1. How can I return an item?
        Please fill out the delivery note and return it to the address stated on the leaflet shipped with your order. 

        2. Whats the address for returns?
        Please send your items to the following address: Blank Surf GmbH, Zimmerseestrasse 19, 63477 Maintal, Germany. Please dont forget to add the delivery note (or if thrown away a paper with your order number). Otherwise we cannot assign your return to your order.

        3. Do I have to pay for return shipping myself?
        Yes, unfortunately we cannot pay the delivery costs for returned items. Only huge companies like Amazon can offer this. Still need a few years to catch up with them I guess... 

        4. I have ordered the wrong size. How can I exchange to the correct size?
        Please return your item(s), add the delivery note, state that the size does not fit and send it to the address stated on the paper. We will refund your money when the parcel arrives at our office and you can make another order with the correct size.

        5. How long does it take to ship my order?
        If your product is in stock we usually ship within 24h from the placement of your order. When we have a discount week and therefore a high order volume, shipping can take a little longer. If your product is a pre-order item, please allow us between one and four weeks to manufacture and ship your order. We always send notifications when orders leave our facility so please also check your spam folders and refrain from asking about updates manually. Every unnecessary support email answered occupies one team member for a few minutes, preventing them from manufacturing your items. 

        6. I have ordered a week ago but still haven't received a shipping email. Why?
        Please check if you ordered a pre-order item. Pre-order items are not in stock and need to be manufactured for every customer individually, which takes between one and three weeks. If you have ordered more than one item it might not have been shipped due to one or more items being a pre-order item. If you only ordered in stock item(s) please feel free to click the WhatsApp button and chat with us or write to support@internetxdoll.com so we can update you about the status. 

        7. Are you a fully sustainable company?
        No, unfortunately we are not. Fully sustainable would mean not creating any new clothing and accessories as there are already more than enough of them on the planet. We also use some fabrics, such as mesh fabric, that cannot be made from natural materials. It always contains synthetic fibers. For this reason, we plant two trees for each product sold from our online shop, source all fabrics from local retailers and, wherever possible, ensure that the fabrics are also produced locally. We also produce ethically correct clothing at our site in Bali. Since these clothes are shipped to Germany in one big package, we reduce the amount of Co2 generated via officially recognized Co2 reduction websites. In addition, we donate 1% of our annual sales to sustainable non-profit companies to protect our planet. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that things can always be improved, but we do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

         8. I am a photographer or model and want to use items for a photoshoot.
        Please contact us so we can talk about the project. Unfortunately it's quite common for photographers and models to order a bunch of products, which usually also include pre-order products that we make specifically for that assignment, for photo shoots and then send them back to us smelly and stained with makeup and sweat. We do not accept these returns due to our refund policy as we only accept returns that are unworn and fresh with no stains or strong odor. Please keep in mind that we are a small sustainable label that goes to great lengths to provide our team with a fair and well-paid place to work and therefore have a strict policy on collaborations and returns. Thank you for your understanding.


        Customer Service links

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        Refund policy: https://internetxdoll.com/policies/refund-policy

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        Privacy policy: https://internetxdoll.com/policies/privacy-policy

        Terms of service: https://internetxdoll.com/policies/terms-of-service


        Legal and About

        Legal notice: https://internetxdoll.com/policies/legal-notice

        About InternetXdoll: https://internetxdoll.com/pages/about