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        About us

        InternetXdoll Founder Mareike and Philipp Herder

        InternetXdoll Shop was founded by Mareike aka @InternetXdoll and Philipp Herder. Our main goal was to develop a sustainable vegan clothing brand which supports the local economy by manufacturing everything downtown Berlin with our team of Seamstresses and Designers. 
        The two founders decided to emigrate to Bali in 2022 and to fulfill their dream of opening their own shop in Canggu. In the course of this, the founders then also founded a new textile production facility, which is located directly above the shop. Thus, the clothing produced does not have long transport routes, it only has to be brought down one floor.

        For this reason, the Berlin company was restructured and the existing employees who were interested in continued employment continued to work as freelancers.
        Since a large part of the fashion for the German online shop is now also produced in Bali, we have decided from now on to plant two trees for each product sold and to compensate for the emissions caused by sending the package from Bali to Germany.

        It is also very important to us that our employees have a safe working environment and receive above-average payment for their valuable work.
        While others would be fine with those environmental and ethical achievements, we go a step further and donate 1% of our annual income to the environmental non-profit organization "1% for the planet". 

        We use paper packaging instead of plastic and our stickers are environmental friendly and vegan. 

        All of this while manufacturing amazing designer pieces for a fair price. Of course we are creating basics as well. But our basics have a super low impact on the environment compared to other brands, as you can read above. 

        So thank you for buying from our store and please feel free to contact us via the WhatsApp chat button or email, if you are unsure about sizing. We try to keep returns due to wrong sizing to a minimum for environmental reasons.

        Have a great day!

        Mareike & Philipp Herder + the InternetXdoll Team
        By the way: here you can see how many trees we have planted together so far...