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🔥🔥 Kostenloser Versand in Deutschland ab 40€, in der EU ab 60€ und im Rest der Welt ab 150€! 🔥🔥

Easter Sale + Easter Eggs

Easter Sale + Easter Eggs


We have a special Easter sale from the 4th of April, 10am MEZ to the 5th of April, 11.59pm for you. Receive 15% discount on all products with code "EasterDoll".

For those of you who are more on the adventures side of life, we will place some easter eggs on our website. Here is the following eggs you can find somewhere hidden throughout our website:

50% discount code (one time)*

40% discount code (two times)*

30% discount code (three times)*

20% discount code (50 times)

If you find one of the first three discount codes, hurry up with ordering as some people might also grab that deal the same second.

Good luck with finding them. :-)

*discount codes not valid for Perlensau products and you can only purchase one item per product. (For example: you can't buy ten Underboobs with the discount codes but you can buy one Underboob and one time panties and one time Choker Pixie etc.)

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