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        News — Freesocks

        Free pair of socks May promotion

        Free pair of socks May promotion

        Hey everyone, 

        from today, Tuesday, 10th of May until the 31st of May, we are offering a free pair of InternetXdoll socks for all orders above 100€ (excluding shipping fees or carbon offset) as long as the stock lasts. We will automatically add the pair of socks to your order over 100€, so you don't have to put them into the shopping bag yourself. 

        If you return an item and get a refund and therefore your initial order will be below 100€ again, we will also deduct the costs of this pair of socks (worth 14.90€) as we had a few orders back in the days where people ordered over 100€ to receive the free pair of socks but afterwards returned their order to us. We think you can understand that we can't just gift socks to our customers like that. :-)

        Have a great day and happy shopping. 

        Btw: our birthday is 10th of June. Mark this in your calendar.